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Vertical Garden Planter

Vertical Garden Planter

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Create your very own living green wall.
Ever dream of growing your own herbs for your kitchen with visual flair or an entire wall of growing green on your patio? You now have the green thumbs up to take your gardening to the next level - literally. These vertical, eco-friendly wall planters are available in a variety of sizes depending on your preferred project.

  • Breathable, water-retaining felt very conducive to indoor or outdoor plant growth
  • Eco-friendly and non toxic materials for safe, long term use
  • Provides easy vertical garden solution
  • Within a few feet of floor space with vertical gardening to provide you and your family with vegetables and herbs all year long!
  • Match several planters together for covering large wall areas
  • You can move and change plants at will
  • Perfect use for small or large yards, patios, schoolyards, apartments, balconies, community, rooftop gardens, or terraces
  • The more green you grow, the more air-purifying oxygen fills your home



- 3 pockets 8.5"H x 24"W

- 6 pockets 24"H x 16"W

- 12 pockets 31.5"H x 24"W

- 18 pockets 40"H x 20"W

- 36 pockets 40"H x 40"W



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