Hey, I'm Kristin!

A millennial artist living within an ancient-felt soul, an empowering feminist, an avid storyteller and a goddess-embodying practitioner, I introduce you to me and my work.

Since opening my macrame business in April of 2020, I have loved every step of the artistic, entrepreneurial process from sourcing cord to designing bespoke pieces. What started with wall decor and functional handmade items on Etsy over two years ago, has grown to a much bigger and satisfying identity for what I wanted my shop to be. As I have shifted focus to creating wearable "goddess armor" to adorn and empower women with by showcasing their goddess within, I have never felt more aligned with my purpose as an artist and what experiences I can help create for other women. I infuse nature and ancient art concepts into my pieces as well as making ethical decisions on where I source my materials.

I absolutely love making custom dresswear to showcase and empower your goddess within! Please don't hesitate to reach out to info@onewithgoddess.com to start your custom armor build journey.

love & light,


live your truth