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Dagger of Apollo Suncatcher

Dagger of Apollo Suncatcher

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●  C R Y S T A L   H E A L I N G 
A handmade, geometrically charged suncatcher featuring a large selenite dagger, sunstone pendant and raw citrine point.

This crystal is all about purification, clearing, and positive energy. The soft white appearance of the stone is a perfect reflection of its gentle but highly effective energy, which emits white light and high vibrations. Whether you are clearing your own energy field, your environment, or your crystals, selenite's healing properties are perfectly suited to remove unwanted energy and replace it with light and positive energy. 

Selenite is connected to the higher chakras, namely the crown chakra which is the center of higher consciousness. Through this association, selenite allows you to elevate your energy and raise your vibration, aligning you with a higher frequency. By filling your entire being with light, you can block out lower vibrational energy to protect your spirit. In this way, selenite can be used as a protective stone to shield you from darker energy. 


With its golden orange warmth, sparkling layers, and iridescent style when caught in the light, Sunstone embraces its kinship with the great ball of fire in the sky, echoing its life giving properties and glorious feeling that everything is going to be at peace.

The Sunstone was uncovered first in the Fjord sweeping lands of Norway. It was said that the Vikings used this shimmering bright stone as a compass to find their way across the cold cobalt blue waters and onto greener pastures. Even beyond the ancient Nordic texts, the Sunstone was also said to be a beautiful healer in Native American culture and is said to have earned its shading from the blood of a great wounded warrior. Sunstone has crept to every corner of myth and legend with even the Ancient Greeks believing that this precious piece of warmth came from the sun god, Apollo.

Along with healing qualities, granting joy and gifting direction to those who feel unsure of which way to turn, the Sunstone is said to harness the power of the sun. It can lend light where there is darkness, bring warmth where there is cold, gift vitality where there is sluggish energy, and shake you up with joie de vivre and a heady dose of vitamin C for the soul.


Citrine is honey, love, lemons, and all things good. It’s a gorgeous stone of abundance and doesn’t shy away from helping us achieve exactly what we deserve and want. Many people turn to Citrine to help them manifest more wealth. This can be done both in a monetary sense but also when it comes to stronger health, or an abundance of positive vibes so are less likely to get ground down by the trying paths the world sometimes makes us walk down.

●      ●    
This macrame artwork is:
- Designed and handmade by Kristin in Atlanta, GA.
- Made with 100% high quality brass and crystal.
- Measures 14" high by 8" wide
- Can be used to add a touch of success & manifestation magic to any space!
●  F R E E   S H I P P I N G
This beauty ships for free :)
● M O U N T I N G
Your wall hanging will simply need a regular nail or hook to be hung on your ceiling with ease.



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