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One With Goddess



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This goddess infused "Aphrodite" wall hanging features a fourteen inch diameter brass ring that cradles a beautiful knotted loom finished with a beautiful length of fluffy tassels. The intricate, individual wire-wrapped sections add a singed, glowing accentuating lining to the piece. The Greek goddess of love, passion and beauty, Aphrodite, became the muse to this bespoke, beautiful piece. Let this wall hanging be the visual representation of all things radiant and soft; let it become a powerful asset to your living room, studio, bedroom or hallway.
From the intricate knotting to the breathtaking tasseled length, the "Aphrodite" fiber art piece is a statement to any wall. It will add color, texture and pattern, as well as a sense of magic to your space.
This macrame artwork is:
- Designed and handmade by Kristin in Atlanta, GA.
- Made with 100% high quality twisted cotton cords, brass wire and a brass ring.
- Measures 54" high by 18" wide
- Can be used to add a touch of healing magic to any space!
● M O U N T I N G
Your wall hanging will simply need a regular nail to be hung on your wall with ease.



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