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Sunset Lamp

Sunset Lamp

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● C R E A T E  A  V I B E  ●

The Sunset Lamp creates a dreamlike visual experience by emanating the perfect, glowing sunset. This projection floor lamp can provide the most zen atmosphere and create ideal lighting backdrops for all of your photo and video content needs.

Super easy to use, the Sunset Lamp creates greater projections the farther away from the wall or ceiling. The lamp head can be rotated 90 degrees, producing different lights from different angles, so as to bring different effects to your room. The size and shape of the halo can also be adjusted by rotating the lamp. The light casted is dreamy, warm and gives off the perfect aesthetic! 

Available in sunset, deep red or rainbow sunset vibes.


- 5V 5W USB power supply, cable with switch
- 1.5 meters long USB cable




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