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Glass Hydroponic Vases

Glass Hydroponic Vases

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●  P L A N T   P R O P A G A T I O N   P O W E R  
These vintage inspired propagation stands are made of natural wood and cradle  glass bulb vases to house any of your favorite indoor plants! The globe and vial shape vases are made of top quality, smooth borosilicate glass that offer crisp, beautiful design to any space.

With six different designs to choose from, these mini propagation stations are perfectly mix and matchable to achieve your perfect plant aesthetic.

Easy to assemble and use, the stands only require the included metal bar to be run through the holes in the glass and secured with the tiny rubber gaskets; the metal brackets allow water to be simply poured into the vases by rotating them. 
Vase designs pictured in order:
Single Vase - Espresso
Double Vase - Espresso
Triple Vase - Espresso
Single Vase - Tan
Double Vase - Tan
Triple Vase - Tan
- Six different propagation vase designs
- Naturally stained wood, borosilicate glass vases, black matte finished metal rod & rubber gaskets
- Easy assembly and vintage design
- Adds a touch of plant magic to any space!



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