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One With Goddess

Custom Armor for Émile (1/3)

Custom Armor for Émile (1/3)

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●  C E R E M O N I A L  W A R R I O R   P O W E R  ●

This strength-inspiring, vampire-loving, handmade, ceremonial armor piece is Émile's custom armor!

Made to adorn you to inspire the warrior code of ethics, this adorning chest piece has a spiritual and armored feel to it. This piece can be worn as fantasy shoot/cosplay wear or for whenever you want to channel your decorated warrior self.

The collar is made with tying cords to be comfortably adjustable for your shoulder size - and a mid-length cape!

Its material is knotted from ethically sourced leather cord from Georgia and is made to order - this piece will be finished between 3-4 weeks. 

The collar simply needs to be slipped over the head and onto the shoulders and tied in the back. 

● ● ●

This macrame set is:
- Designed and handmade by Kristin in Atlanta, GA.
- Made with 100% ethically sourced, naturally dyed



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