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Custom Armor for Cami

Custom Armor for Cami

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●    R A N G E R    M E E T S   V A L K Y R I E   ●

This courage-inspiring, bow-wielding and SJM-loving, handmade leather armor set is Cami's custom armor!

Made to adorn you to prepare you to fight from the shadows with accuracy, this adorning full armor set has an armored and mobilized feel to it. This set can be worn as fantasy shoot/cosplay wear or for whenever you want to channel your inner badass, true self.

The entire set is made with various proportions of fully knotted and lattice knotted sections to be comfortably mobile for your movement - and a flowy ranger cape! All custom to your sizes of course.

Its material is knotted from 100% ethically sourced leather cord and aluminum chainmail. This set is made to order and will be finished in mid to late April. 

The top and attached corset simply needs to be put around the body and corset fastened in the front. The asymmetrical shoulder pauldron is to be buckled in the front.

● ● ●

This macrame set is:
- Designed and handmade by Kristin in Atlanta, GA.
- Made with 100% ethically sourced leather



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